Monday, September 13, 2010



Tryabreathmint said...

i just noticed that you have the Gary Fong puffer. I bought one of those as well but didn't get much mileage out of it. specially since i got my 430 EXII. i'm much more comfortable with ambient lighting. oh wells, will get strobe lighting down one day.

H3NR7 said...

Same here. I really don't use flash much and I prefer to shoot with natural existing light. Although I do love using it for bright back lit day time shots and with a slow shutter to bring in ambient background light for night time scene. I like to learn how to work with strobes for studio set-ups and portraits.

The Strobist is an inspiring blog that shows you how to use your off-camera flash. Check it out:

Tryabreathmint said...

ohhh thanks for the tip. i'll be sure to check it out. so much information on the internet, it's wonderful!